Add warmth to your look with Exhale, one of our favorite smoky nail polish lacquers. The coral red emits passion with a long-lasting finish that will turn up the heat. Exhale nail polish lacquer is part of our Smoky Collection, a collection of vibrant nail polishes with a darker deeper undertone. Stay stylish and sexy year round with Exhale from Sheer Lust.

Each of Sheer Lust’s smoky nail polish lacquers have a flawless formula that is designed to apply the perfect amount of high-end nail polish lacquer with each brush stroke. Our longer, flatter brush contributes to the perfect application and high gloss finish.

SHEER LUST nail lacquer displays various charming shades from soft to vibrant shine colors. The formula applies evenly and smoothly to render a nearly opaque, long lasting and high glossy finish in just one coat. The application is easier and effortless with a fast drying time. A longer and extra flat brush which works well to deliver the perfect amount of polish for an even application.


1. Apply Sheer Lust Super Base Coat
2. Apply a first thin coat of Sheer Lust Nail lacquer, followed by a second coat. Allow each coat to dry to the touch between each step.
3. Apply one single coat of Sheer Lust Gel Like Top Coat.

Note: For Better results, it takes slightly longer for Gel Like Top Coat to air dry due to the thick texture. ‘’No’’ UV light required.