Chocolate Bite

Who would dare say no to a chocolate bite? The dark brown shade of this high-quality nail polish is meant to give you decadent nails. This deep color makes it the best nail polish to complete a luscious look. Once you try our high-quality Chocolate Bite nail polish, we know that you will be back for more.

But that’s not all! Sheer Lust creates the best nail polish that has a long-lasting finish with just one coat. So you don’t have to wait for your nails to dry to get your chocolate fix. Our extra flat bush gives this high-quality nail polish an effortlessly perfect application every time. So why don’t you try a bite of chocolate?

SHEER LUST nail lacquer displays various charming shades from soft to vibrant shine colors. The formula applies evenly and smoothly to render a nearly opaque, long lasting and high glossy finish in just one coat. The application is easier and effortless with a fast drying time. A longer and extra flat brush which works well to deliver the perfect amount of polish for an even application.


1. Apply Sheer Lust Super Base Coat
2. Apply a first thin coat of Sheer Lust Nail lacquer, followed by a second coat. Allow each coat to dry to the touch between each step.
3. Apply one single coat of Sheer Lust Gel Like Top Coat.

Note: For Better results, it takes slightly longer for Gel Like Top Coat to air dry due to the thick texture. ‘’No’’ UV light required.