This smoky nail polish lacquer is one of our favorites! China is part of our Porcelain Collection that features a range of gray toned porcelain colors. China is a vibrant purple hue of high-quality nail polish that has been infused with gray pastel tones to make it the perfect smoky nail polish lacquer for any season. This nail polish lacquer also features notes of mauve and aubergine to give you the sexy manicure you’ve been looking for. You won’t want to try anything else once this gorgeous high-quality lacquer has been applied to your fingernails.

In addition, this porcelain nail polish lacquer is lightweight and applies evenly with our extra flat brush. This high-quality nail polish also has a quick drying time and a long-lasting finish that will keep your nails looking perfect for days.

SHEER LUST nail lacquer displays various charming shades from soft to vibrant shine colors. The formula applies evenly and smoothly to render a nearly opaque, long lasting and high glossy finish in just one coat. The application is easier and effortless with a fast drying time. A longer and extra flat brush which works well to deliver the perfect amount of polish for an even application.


1. Apply Sheer Lust Super Base Coat
2. Apply a first thin coat of Sheer Lust Nail lacquer, followed by a second coat. Allow each coat to dry to the touch between each step.
3. Apply one single coat of Sheer Lust Gel Like Top Coat.

Note: For Better results, it takes slightly longer for Gel Like Top Coat to air dry due to the thick texture. ‘’No’’ UV light required.