Sheer Lust is dedicated to providing a luxurious nail lacquer to our customers that is reliable and innovative. Our main objective is to create a unique experience for our consumers by paying attention to every detail in the making of Sheer Lust nail lacquer. From the bottle design, the easy-to-use brush, the careful selection of names that match our vibrant colors, and product testing to achieve the highest quality nail lacquer collectively representing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

The design of the bottle was purposely made to have a geometric style with a high clarity to capture the intensity and richness of each color utilizing natural light reflection.

We believe that it is indispensable to provide our customers with the right tool in order to achieve the perfect manicure. The extra flat brush makes it easy to use and deliver even and lengthy strokes with the perfect amount of lacquer.

Nail lacquer names are selected based on mood and personality to match each colors. Sheer Lust offers an array of shiny, rich, and opaque colors that are versatile, trendy, suits any occasion and easy to apply to deliver professional results.

Each of our product formulation is rigorously researched, analyzed, and tested before its release for quality assurance purposes and also as part our commitment to make the experience of nail lacquer application flawless. With over 10 years of experience, Sheer Lust is proud to provide a long lasting nail lacquer that is sheer and lacquered.