Wedding Nails

  • woman with painted nails holding a wedding bouqet

    When getting ready for your big day every detail count. While taking close up or your beautiful ring or holding your beautiful bouquet, the nail color you choose will forever be printed in every picture on your special day. Whether you go for the muted tone, classic hue, unexpected or bold. Make sure you nail your bridal nails.

  • Sheer lust nude illusion nail polish

    Neutral: Stick to pretty a soft neutral, they blend in great and will not distract such as Sheer Lust's Nude Illusion

  • sheer lust's rare pearl shimmery pink nail polish

    Light Shimmer: For a princess feel a pearly hue complement the angelic feel of your white dress and your day. Try Rare Pearl by Sheer Lust for a harmonious manicure.

  • Sheer lust's pastel poudree nail polish

    Pastel: A softer yet colorful manicure, pastels tones are timeless and feminine. A soothing color for your magical day try Poudrée by Sheer Lust.

  • Egyptian gold shimmery nail polish by sheer lust

    Goldtone: Upgrade your favorite neutral with a touch of iridescence as seen in Egyptian Gold by Sheer lust.

  • bubble blue colored nail polish by sheer lust

    If your something blue happen to be incorporated in your nails. An unexpected blue such as Bubble Blue is a great semi soft blue to pop and make a statement.

July 12, 2017
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