Update Your Beauty Routine for Spring

Spring flowers on a white wood backdrop


Spring means warmer weather and more time outdoors. These changes in nature also merit an inevitable change in your beauty routine. Here are some changes you can try making to your daily routine to adapt to springtime!


Use lighter layers

Heavy creams that were great for moisturizing in the winter don’t always have a place in your beauty routine once Spring arrives. As the weather gets warmer, these creams may become too heavy for your skin. Switch to a lighter moisturizer in order to avoid looking oily while still providing hydration for your skin.


Incorporate products with SPF

More sun and time outdoors means that your skin will be exposed to an excess of UV rays that can cause skin damage. Make sure to use skin products like moisturizer and foundation that include SPF so you can get maximum coverage and protection for your skin.


Get a good cleansing gadget

When using products with SPF and when spending more time outdoors, you may find that you need a deeper facial cleanse at the end of the day. You might want to find a new cleansing gadget in order to keep your skin looking fresh.


Add a splash of color

After many months of dark hues of berry, it’s time for lighter pops of color. Consider getting a new lipstick or eye-shadow in feminine and pastel colors. And make sure to get your spring nail polish colors so your nails can reflect the change in season.  


Use an exfoliant

Winter months often result in dry layers of skin. It is important to invest in a good exfoliant for your face and for your body to get rid of these rough layers of skin. We recommend avoiding scrubs with shells or pits from nuts because they could damage your skin. Look for a more gentle exfoliant made from brown sugar. And only exfoliate once or twice a week.


Try a new scent

Instead of using scents of vanilla, berry, and winter frost, opt for lighter and fresher florals. These scents are more appropriate for springtime since they reflect the smells of the freshly-bloomed flowers. Plus, a new fragrance makes for a fun way to mix up your routine.

June 01, 2017
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