• Model wearing bright blue eyeshadow and nail polish.

    Summer is here which means it is time to switch up our regular beauty accessories and add a touch of bright and bold colors to our look. From eyeshadow to nails let’s get bright and beautiful for the season while showing off your trendy looks.

  • The Electric Palette from Urban Decay.

    Why get a few when you can have a whole palette of trendy eyeshadows. You can try them all at your convenience, play around and be creative. The ELECTRIC palette has multiple colors that will give you a great eye look. ELECTRIC palette from Urban Decay valued at $49.

    Available at

  • Smoky Collection of Nail Lacquers by Sheer Lust.

    Our own Smoky Collection has a variety of bold nail lacquers with a smoky tone to establish your vegan summer ready nails look. Nothing better than a environmentally conscious and long lasting beautiful nails, the collection box by Sheer Lust valued at $95.

    Available at

  • The Foreplay Blush Palette from Nars.

    A mix of bright and shimmer, you have the perfect combination of rosé cheeks and a layer of glow, in the Foreplay blush palette from Nars valued at $ 25.

    Available on

  • Vinyl mascara in bright colors by YSL.

    Vinyl mascara by Ysl are to die for. Though they don’t come in a palette but the colors are so electrifying that you will want to get at least 2 colors to add a fun pop to your eyes. Valued at $29 a unit.

    Available at

  • Maestro lipgloss by Giorgio Armani.

    Maestro lipgloss by Giorgio Armani has a mixture of lipstick and gloss, you get the mat application with the gloss finish. The best part, beside have a great selection of bright colors for your summer lip? It is long lasting valued at $38 a piece.

    Available at

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