Nail Inspiration From Your Favorite Stars

When you feel like your manicure isn’t as glamorous as it should be, try getting some inspiration from your favorite celebrities. Check out these famous manicures that you could replicate at home.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox showing off a half-moon monochromatic manicure

One of the chicest nail art inspirations comes from Megan Fox. This half-moon monochromatic design is simple, but classy. Plus, this fancy nail polish can match just about any outfit.


How to get this look

Paint small half moons around the cuticles of your nails with a light neutral like our high-quality nail polish Terre or Gorgeous Gray. Use our Royal Black nail lacquer for the tips of the nails, and finish off this sleek look with a top coat.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s Valentines Day manicure

We love this romantic manicure that Jessica Alba got for Valentine’s Day. But imagine the same look in different color combinations all year round. The hint of a heart on each nail is flirty and fun, and can be created in a myriad of color combinations to go with every outfit.


How to get this look

Paint the nails with a light hue for a basecoat. To get Jessica’s look, we recommend Poudree. Carefully paint the tips of the nails with a darker shade of the same color like Rose Petal, or with a contrasting color, your choice. Try different bright nail polish colors to achieve the perfect manicure.


Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s zebra manicure

Lily Allen shows off her ferocious side with these orange and blue zebra nails, an amazing combination of bright nail polish colors. This nail art is sure to show off your wild side and make a bold statement.


How to get this look

Create an alternating geometric pattern using our high-quality nail polish Bubble Blue and Orange Splash. Feel free to combine your favorite colors in other combinations as well. Once your foundation is dry, use a thin brush with our Royal Black to create a zebra pattern over the top of the base layer.


Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel domino manicure

Zooey Deschanel rocked these domino digits at the 2013 Emmy Awards. This fancy nail polish and bold geometric design stood out on the red carpet giving way to some some nail inspiration for all of us.


How to get this look

Create an alternating checkerboard pattern of four squares using Royal Black and Ivory. With a dotter tool (or the end of a Q-tip with the cotton removed if you don’t have one), add black or ivory polka dots to the top left and bottom right squares on your right hand, and the top right and bottom left squares on your left hand.


Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz pastel manicure

We love Chloe Moretz’s pastel manicure. It has personality, texture, and class. This pastel mani has some bright nail polish colors that are tastefully combined.


How to get this look

Select 3 of your favorite high-quality nail polish colors ranging from pastels to bright nail polish colors. We think that Caribbean Chic, Ivory, and Poudree are perfect for this look. Paint each of your nails a different color, while leaving your thumb and your ringer a blank canvas. Using a thin brush, create a fun lattice pattern on your thumb and ring finger using all three of the previous colors chosen. Add other bright nail polish colors to add an extra pop if you so choose.

August 06, 2017
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