Make Eye Contact

  • gorgeous eye makeup

    It’s all about the eye! Dare to try this innovative eye makeup trend. Start with a neutral makeup, sleek hair. Focus on one area of the eye and apply your bold upgraded eyeliner, or spiked eyeshadow. An easy way to make a statement by only focusing on one area of your face, quick to achieve and quite stylish. Go bright, Go bold strike a “Smize”. They will not take your eyes off so make eye contact and show them off with a few simple trick.

  • a light blue eyeshadow on the entire eyelid

    A light blue or any light color eye shadow to cover your entire lid and get a striking eye.

  • bright colored eyeliner just on the bottom

    A swift line of your favourite neon eyeliner applied to the lower eyelid will do the trick for futuristic beauty.

  • light pink eye shadow for a baby doll look

    A demure pink lid gives effortless, delicate yet edgy baby doll look.

  • Glittery purple eye shadow for a contour

    Contouring your upper and lower eyelid with a shimmery purple shadow is the party girl must.

  • eye shadow and eye liner for a dual eye makeup look

    Combine both eyeshadow and bold liner for the avant-gardist beauty.

July 10, 2017
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