How to Pack Makeup For Travel

items laid out to pack for travel

Traveling with your favorite beauty products is dangerous, especially if you put them in your checked luggage. With hundreds of suitcases accompanying you on your flight, workers often throw suitcases around when loaded them into the bottom of the plane. If your makeup isn’t packed well, there’s no guarantee that it will be safe and intact when you arrive.

We all have horror stories of our favorite products breaking mid-flight (Why does it feel like the best nail polish you own is always the bottle that gets broken on vacation?). There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to see that your hairspray leaked all over your favorite cardigan, or that your liquid foundation container shattered. Read on for tips on how to avoid a vacation makeup fiasco:


Keep it Simple

There’s nothing worse than bringing a new product on vacation and hating it. If you left one of your tried-and-true products at home, you’re stuck using a product you don’t like. That’s why you should only bring the makeup you know you love. It will help you lighten your suitcase and ensure that you’ll look amazing in all of your vacation photos.


Use Spill-Proof Containers

There is nothing worse than opening up your suitcase to see that your shampoo leaked all over your shower bag. Sticking the bottle in a ziploc bag might keep it from staining your favorite shirt, but it’s still annoying when you have to throw out a goopy bag of product. To stop the spillage, take the lid off of your liquid bottles, place a piece of plastic wrap over the top, and then screw the lid back over the plastic wrap. No more leaks!


Protect Your Brushes

Staining the inside of your favorite makeup bag with your makeup brushes is the worse. It’s easy to solve this problem by storing your makeup brushes in a ziploc bag and placing a rubber band around the base of the brushes to keep the bag in place.


Shrink it

If you’re only going on vacation for three days, you probably don’t need to bring your whole bottle of liquid foundation. When possible, store items in smaller cases to save room! Bringing your liquid foundation in a contacts case is a great way to save space and keep your glass foundation bottle safe. Makeup samples are also a great way to pack light! Most makeup stores have pre-packaged samples you can take on your trip, and most grocery stores have small bottles you can buy if you want to bring a smaller “travel size” amount of a certain product with you.


Protect Your Powder

It makes for a bad day when you open your favorite compact to see that it shattered into a million tiny, impossible to use pieces. Place a dry, circle cotton wipe inside of your compact cases to keep your powdered eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and bronzers from shattering mid-flight.


Bubble Wrap

Keeping up with your manicure can be hard when traveling since most nail polish bottles are glass. Using bubble wrap, you can pack the best nail polish for your vacation and keep it safe! Bubble wrap each individual nail product (or any other glass containers) in bubble wrap and tape the bubble wrap in place. This will take up a bit more room in a suitcase, but it’s worth it to have all your must-have summer nail polish colors arrive in one piece! You don’t want your beloved, high end nail polish to break en route to your vacation and get stuck with a chipped manicure. Not sure which high end, summer nail polish to bring? We’ve got a few suggestions.


Now enjoy that amazing getaway without worrying that your high end nail polish or favorite bronzer is going to break on your way to the beach!

July 14, 2017
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