• a girl in metallic boxing gloves with a long braid.

    Along with the stylish workout gear and neutral tone makeup. Your workout hair should be as motivating to finish your complete look. The exercise ready hair should be:

    + Off of your face, to avoid any distracting strands when in your power zone.

    + Stay sleek even after your sweat session.

    + Stylish, your hair should accessories your final look. Be on trend and stay effortless.

    A few hair ideas to get you in the atlheisure state of mind.

  • a woman in her sports bra with a could multiple ponytail hairstyle.
  • two tight french braids on either side of the head for an athleisure hairstyle.
  • a woman with the athleisure hairstyle of two buns on the top of her head, pigtail style.
  • a high ponytail on the top of the head that hangs down the back.
  • a low ponytail that accentuates a part down the middle of the head.
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