Color Studies: Poudrée Pink

Poudrée Pink (or Powder Pink) isn’t just the shade of one of our nail polish lacquers, it is a classic and timeless shade of pink. It evokes delicate, feminine, romantic, and charming qualities. This color is great for nail products and beauty lines, but has also made an appearance in the world of fashion and home decor. Discover what pairs well with Poudrée Pink and how to incorporate it into your style.

Pink in Your Wardrobe

 Woman wearing pink jacket that is the same color as Sheer Lust Poudree Pink nail polish

Pink can be a tricky color to master, but it is extremely trendy among millennials. Light pinks tend to look good against any skin tone, so don’t be afraid to try it. To keep this shade looking sophisticated, stay away from pouffy silhouettes and tone down the rest of your outfit. Pink pairs well with neutrals like grey and nude, metallics such as silver and gold, and even other shades of pink, all of which can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe.


Pink on Your Nails

Sheer Lust’s high-quality nail polish in Poudrée Pink, is seductively charming. While bright polishes are a huge trend for summer nails, this light pink nail polish lacquer provides a clean and timeless manicure. Plus, this nail polish lacquer is completely vegan, meaning that it hasn’t been tested on animals and is 5-free! The Poudrée Pink shade is one of our favorites among our pastel nail colors because it is universally flattering and perfect for any time of the year. A manicure in Poudrée Pink says “I am sophisticated, a little girly, but very playful.”


Pink in Your Home

Poudrée Pink on a parlour wall

Poudrée Pink’s light hue makes it great among pastel nail colors and as an accent color in the home. It pairs well with magenta and purple to create a gorgeous palette for a girl’s room. But it can also be toned down to pair with navy, gray, or green for a more sophisticated look throughout other living spaces. The color of this nail polish lacquer can be overwhelming for walls in large spaces, so try incorporating it into accent pieces like vases, pillows, flowers, or inside the cabinets.


Poudrée Pink is soft  approachable, and warm. It shows sophistication while being subtle and kind. Try our Poudrée Pink nail lacquer and discover if it is the color you crave in your wardrobe.

June 28, 2017
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