• Two models with amazing crown braids in their hair.

    Braids have made a full comeback this season everywhere you look there’s a braid do to be admired somewhere. Why do we love braids? They make a hair statement, they give a artsy look and add a nice texture to our hairdo. Have fun, play around with your braids and accomplish an hairstyle that is yours to own this summer.

  • Plated double ponytails by Mara Rooney.

    Mara Rooney never gets it wrong with her avant garde hairdos. We especially love her plated double ponytails with a deconstructed braid to finish the look.

  • Pinned milkmaid braid by Ciara.

    If you feel like creating your own hair crown like Ciara. Pinned milkmaid braid with a few strands out to give it a soft look.

  • A slick chignon with a twist.

    A slick chignon finished with a twist works best when you have long lox. A sleek and edgy look that is easy to achieve.

  • Start with a french braid from the nape of the your neck (requires patience) and create a french bun up top. A classic, clean look great for and evening affair.

  • Braided sides for a bohemian flair.

    Leaving your hair down with braided sides is great on wavy hair, adds bohemian flair to your hairstyle great accent for summer.

  • A Julianne Hough side braid.

    Julianne Hough side braid is gorgeous. Choose one side to showcase a french braid along the hairline, and finish it up with a messy low bun for and effortless look.

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