• woman smiling with a towel on her head and a spa style facemask.

    All beauty routines can always use a tune up. In this case, simple easy to use products that will set off the rest of your beauty regiment. By adding these itemsto your routine, you are gearing up for a healthier coating that will nourish and hydrate you. The best part is they are accessible and don’t cost a fortune.

  • Caudalie Elixir for tightening pores.

    This Elixir by french brand Caudalie is great for tightening pores, adds a burst of radiance and smoothes features. Spray a thing layer on to your face before your primer and or after applying makeup for a great finish result.

    Available at $49

  • Hydrating lip balm by Nivea.

    Before applying lipstick or lip gloss, a good hydrating lip balm a good idea. Made with natural milk and honey, the Nivea lip care boots the natural defense of your lips and helps strengthen lips resistance to stay hydrated.

    Available at any drugstore valued at $3.00

  • Sheer Lust super base coat nail polish.

    Formulated with herbal extract Sheer Lust Super Base coat is light and fast dry. Apply on your nails before your nail color of choice for healthier, protected and stronger nails.

    Available on $18

  • body cream by L'occitane

    With components like almond extract, and mill concentrate. This body cream from L’occitane will leave your skin hydrated, firm and smoother without feeling heavy on your skin. $50

  • hair mask for restoring natural radiance.

    The hair mask works miracles if you’ve been doing too much on your hair. Restores and revives your hair natural radiance, while leaving your strands nourished and smooth. Couldn’t ask for a better hair day. $8.99

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