10 Tips for a No-Chip Manicure

There’s nothing more disappointing about a manicure than a chip in your polish just hours after spending the time to get them painted. Here are 10 tips on how to extend the life of your manicure!

Sheer lust nail polish shimmering on fingers holding sunglasses


1. Prep your nails

Before bringing a brush anywhere near your nails, prep them properly! Wash your hands before your manicure to remove grease and dirt. Remove old nail polish with an acetone nail polish remover. Clean your nails even if you don’t have polish on already.


2. Don’t soak your nails

Soaking the fingernails before a manicure softens nails and causes them to absorb water. The extra water in the nails creates an unsteady foundation for nail polish. The more flexible the nails are, the easier it is for the polish to come off.


3. Use a base coat

A base coat helps colored polish apply smoothly. It also keeps bright colors from absorbing into the fingernails and dyeing them funky colors. A base coat helps firm the nails for a sturdy manicure base.


4. Apply thin coats of polish

The main culprit behind chipping nail polish is thick coats! While you may be tempted to apply thicker coats to create a more vibrant color in less time, don’t. Use multiple thin coats of paint instead; you’ll get the same look, but it will last much longer.


5. Apply a clear coat

Once the nail polish is applied, use a clear topcoat to finish the manicure. This protects nail color from chipping. Plus, if the top coat chips, it isn’t noticeable. Feel free to refresh the top coat every few days if you have time, to offer continued protection to your mani.


6. Let nails dry completely

Patience really is a virtue, and waiting for nails to dry can seem like an eternity, but don’t get impatient. If you want your manicure to last longer, you must make sure you give your nails ample time to dry. Watch a show or relax while you wait for each layer to harden.


7. Take care of your nails

After your manicure is complete, make sure to take care of your nails. Scratching of labels and opening soda tabs can cause your nails to chip faster. You don’t have to baby your nails, but just don’t use them as tools.


8. Moisturize

Moisturize your hands and cuticles daily. Keeping the skin moist helps keep your manicure looking new. Don’t push your cuticles back either; it can cause the nail polish to chip at the base of the nail.


9. Don’t pick at your nails

A habit that too many of us have is picking at our nails. Picking and peeling can damage the nails, causing manicures to chip more quickly. Keep your nails healthy and avoid the urge to pick at them.


10. Choose long-lasting polish

Quick-dry nail polishes sound great, but in reality, they chip must faster. These polishes create a softer surface that dents and chips more easily than a long-lasting nail polish like Sheer Lust.

July 20, 2017
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