Top 3 Unusual Beauty Tools

Beauty rituals can become repetitive and tedious when always using the same products day in and day out. Mixing up your regimen  is great, but knowing where to start can be difficult. Check out our top three most unusual beauty tools to spice up your beauty routine!

September 07, 2017

Fashion Lessons from Fashion Icons

rihanna fashion
There is nowhere better to look for fashion inspiration than the stars of Hollywood. Fashion icons throughout the decades have been great sources for discovering your own fashion sense. Read more about fashion icons from Rihanna to Audrey Hepburn and what their style can teach you.
August 28, 2017

The Backpack is Back

You don’t have to go back to school to sport a backpack! It turns out that it is the fashion accessory to have in your bag collection. So, if you’re thinking about investing in a new bag, try a backpack on for size. They are easy to wear for a casual or dressy look. They are also convenient to carry around for those of us who tend to be always on the move. Fear not! The new and improved backpack looks nothing like the one you toted to school or the gym. And, with many designs to choose from, they are feminine, versatile, and fashion forward.

August 26, 2017

Fall Twist Lounge Wear

  • Call it a Kimono or just a robe. But whatever you call it, this fall, loungewear has taken on a distinctly Kimono-esque form. Mixing seductive textures with classic styles, these five designers’ take on this fall trend means that robes aren’t just for lounging at home anymore.

  • Florari belted velvet Kimono robe

    Fleur de Mal’s luxurious powder pink satin trench coat uses the perfect satin fabric for a fresh new twist on the trench coat that we just love. It is preferably worn as a dress.

  • Asian-inspired florals on black satin

    Asian-inspired florals on black satin make for an eye-catching dress. Zara’s contrasting patchwork kimono dress is stunning and sexy. High side slits expose just the right amount of leg, perfect with a bright red lip.

  • FRS (For Restless Sleepers)

    FRS (For Restless Sleepers) gives us exotic prints and dramatic proportions. Opulent bright red and gold prints give a texture reminiscent of royal tapestry.

  • Fleur de Mal

    Fleur de Mal’s luxurious powder pink satin trench coat uses the perfect satin fabric for a fresh new twist on the trench coat that we just love. It is preferably worn as a dress.

  • Debut Roche Dress by Rixo London

    Debut Roche Dress by Rixo London has beautiful contrasting colors like blood red, cream and black. The hand-painted print showcases traditional Japanese appeal with an iconic wrap dress style. This look is a classic and fun way to wear the new Kimono dress with ease.

August 24, 2017

Color Studies: Ivory

Ivory isn’t just for wedding dresses or button-down shirts; it is a sophisticated and classic color that can (and should) be incorporated into every aspect of style, from the home to a wardrobe, and even into summer nail polish colors; it can have a stunning impact when paired with the right pops of color.


August 22, 2017

Get Sneaker Chic!

Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore! Beyond the added comfort, these athletic shoes just got a sexy new makeover. The luxury sneaker offers creative designs that take athleisure footwear to a new dimension. Being comfortable never looked so good. These chic sneakers are more than a fad, they’re a fashion movement that celebrates delicate femininity and tomboy-ish charm with futuristic minimalist styles. Here are a few styles to help you get sneaker chic.

August 18, 2017

5 Drugstore Beauty Best Buys

drugstore beauty supplies

With the tremendous selection of beauty products available, it is easy to assume that a large department store is the best place to satisfy your beauty needs. But, in fact, there are some great gems to be found in your local drugstore. Not only are they conveniently located and often open around the clock, they offer great deals on top brands. They also offer a wide variety of products, so to help you sift through the aisles, we selected and tested our top five must-try, must-buy products. These are guaranteed to give you great results, all under 20 bucks.

August 16, 2017

7 Tips for stronger, healthier nails

Many don't know where to start with nail health. Buying the best nail polish and nail products is a great start for nail health, but there is so much more to do to help nails and cuticles. Here are our top 7 tips for stronger healthier nails!

gorgeous long nails holding a passport

August 14, 2017


a runway model wearing sparkly boots

Fall is looming just on the horizon, and you know what that means: boots, boots, and more boots. This year’s runways have been dominated by two main styles. Manolo Blahnik introduced the thigh-high boot, and YSL is still making a buzz with their highly anticipated Diamanté slouch boot. Of course, we won’t be on any waitlists for a boot with a $10,000 price tag (though, if our budget allowed, we would be the first in line!). The thigh high and over the knee slouch boot styles can be worn over a nicely fitted pair of jeans or go great with a sweater dress or mini skirt.  While we daydream about inaccessible, stylish high-end runway boots, let’s get our hands on these ready-to-wear boot-y-fall styles.

August 10, 2017


statement hoop earrings

The statement earring has been transformed this fall with artistic, bold designs. It’s not just an accessory you throw on to complement your outfit. The new bold earring trend is about originality and not shying away from artistic appeal. With great architectural shapes and thick, oversized metal craftsmanship, it’s about embracing culture, art and fashion. Pull your hair up, accentuate your neck line, and make a statement with these creative shapes. Because it’s more than an earring, it’s a piece of art.

August 08, 2017